Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Best Brands & Comparison

Are you thinking of a redoing your floors? Want a shiny touch to them? Then consider yourself to be lucky to have reached this post. We are here to answer all queries regarding Laminate Flooring today.

Yes, you may ask that laminate did get into trouble a few years back. However, they are past that and they have made a comeback with better quality and durable style. That is true, as laminate now, is all about finesse and affordability. Times have changed, so has laminate for better.

What say, want to know more about them? Then read this post till the end and get a comprehensive overview of laminate once, for all.

What Is Laminate Flooring Made Of?

In spite of mainstream thinking, laminate flooring isn’t made out of plastic. In the early years cover looked as though it were made of plastic, because of appearance and configuration. These days, because of imaginative assembling, laminate it looks as if it is made from strong hardwood or stone, yet is substantially more reasonable.

Laminate floor is regarded as a good choice in a buyer’s market. It arrives in a wide scope of completions from natural to wood so you can make the look and feel of your room as per your like. To be precise, this item is extraordinary for hallways, passages, and family rooms.

Laminate Flooring comprises of 4 layers. Each layer has a different purpose and this makes new age laminate so very distinctive from its previous versions.Here is a breakdown of these layers:

  • First LayerThe principal level is the topcoat, or defensive layer. This distinctive coat either includes sheen or gives the cover a matte appearance. It’s usually made of aluminum oxide that is solidified and tried for being scratch proof and sturdiness.
  • Second LayerNext up is the design layer. Yes, this is the layer we see and it comprises of the print, shading, and the grain.
  • Truth is stranger than fiction; the maker utilizes vast portioned pictures.Top quality ink is used to reproduce the shades and graining found in regular materials. It is then completed by injecting resin (into paper) and glued deeply.
  • Core The center or substrate layer lies in the center. Contingent upon the manufacturer; the base is covered with either high to medium thick fiberboard, normally alluded to as MDF or HDF.
  • MDF is produced by using wood squander strands joined with wax and sap. These ingredients are then warmed and pressurized to be framed into boards. This is denser than pressed wood, but not as solid as HDF. High-thickness fiberboard is prepared like MDF however built from wood chips. These two materials make it rigid and humidity resistant.
  • Final layer – Melamine or plastic make up the base of this kind of flooring. This fortifying layer assumes a critical job that of keeping your floor stable. The base layer includes another dimension of humidity concealer and quality. It dislodges the worry from floor traffic and repulses clamminess – diminishing the danger of swelling,twisting, or bending.

Benefits Of Laminate Flooring

Fine, it may be not a classy choice, but it is a convenient one. If you can look beyond what had been in vogue for years, you may find a new avatar in these laminate floors. Albeit, there are tons of benefits of this flooring, and we have found all of them for you.

Here, have a look at them and in details:

  • Cheap Components

Laminate floors are produced by using compound wood pressed together at high temperatures. The picture of hardwood is then set over the combined wood, covering it to frame what is called laminate. Not only are simply the materials low-priced, but installing laminate is, by and large, 50 percent lower than that of hardwood.

  • Installation

You can install laminate real quick and it is pretty simple as well. It is quick because you can install 300 square feet within week. In contrast to old laminate, the new laminate can locked, ticked or creased to fit together.

It is simple, because the boards are built of delicate particleboard that can be cut by a hand saw or even a knife!

  • Sub-floors

Laminate is flexible, and can be introduced on almost any kind of sub-floor, similar to concrete or even vinyl floors. By and large when the establishment of a hardwood floor isn’t good with a sub floor, Laminate Flooring becomes your next best choice.

  • Sturdy

Since laminate is produced using pressed wood, it is progressively solid and is scratch and moisture resistant. In contrast to wood, which can gouge, laminate is practically impenetrable to marks and scratches.

  • Performance

While installing a laminate floor, you may have to install another layer,in order to give it full support. This lends the floor a somewhat supple proclivity, making it simpler to remain significant.

For example, when holding a stove or sink, you will notice, your laminate does not warp at all. The underneath layer make it durable and you will be relieved to find your covering remain in one piece.

  • Moisture Resistant

Laminate can be installed in semi-wet zones like kitchens, and different spots where you experience topical moistness. For whatever length of time the sheets are tight against one another, leaving no road for moisture to seep through, laminate can ward off water to some extent.

  • Hypoallergenic

Since there are no spots to trap dust and different particles that can cause hypersensitivities, laminate is an extraordinary decision. The underlayment resists moisture, actually shields the floor from harm, yet additionally keeps it in shape.

  • Maintenance

Laminate surface opposes stains. Furthermore, if you do get a stain, it is anything but difficult to clean up. It has to be mentioned that comparably a laminate floor is easier to clean.

One more point that goes into its favor is that you don’t need special cleaners for these floors. All you need is regular sweeping and mopping. That will do the trick! But in case, you want to save time by cleaning quick, definitely a best vacuum for laminate is recommended here.

  • Price

This floor is more affordable than hardwood, yet doesn’t miss the mark with regards to beauty and quality. There’s an incredible choice of laminate floors at any range, you can think of.

Cons Of Laminate Flooring

Don’t worry, just like any other product, laminate is not free of flaws. In fact, laminate has received a lot of flak in the past. This is why, it still is frowned upon, but laminate of these days has made tried its best to clear its name. Yet, a part of the problem still exists, like:

  • Look

The closer you get, the more repetitive they look. That is the only curse of laminate floors.Hence, you can say that the issue lies in design redundancy. You may get just 5 to 10 designed sheets at one time.

  • Repairing

Laminate flooring doesn’t fix effectively. If you have purchased flooring that comes with individual sorts and snaps, you have to replace it with singular sheets. In most cases, contingent upon age, the new piece may not coordinate well with your establishment.

  • Resale Value

Laminate Flooring has traditionally been the “passing chime” for ordering higher resale value when selling your home. Hardwood and designed wood give you better appreciation while selling,in case you need to get the maximum for your home.

Popular Laminate Brans

Below is a rundown of the top brands in the laminate industry. They’re proficient and have the greater part of the best characteristics that are required in a laminate floor. This makes them probably the best floors you can purchase.

  • Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Armstrong is one of the main names you’ll hear whenever investigate into laminate floors and it has a valid justification. Experts unequivocally favor this brand and you’ll notice that you get an array of assortment of shades that will suit anybody.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an old fashioned darkened oak look or something anything contemporary, they have something to promptly suit practically every stylish taste. Notwithstanding looking incredible, Armstrong offers a protected bolting framework which makes it significantly easy to install than standard laminate floors.

  • Mannington Restoration

Mannington’s Restoration arrangement is a standout amongst their most assorted collections. Boards come in 58 shades and blended lengths vary from 3 inches to 8-inches. Mannington laminate is made in the United States and has tons of reviews in favor of them.

The Restoration compilation is water and stain safe. Truth be told, Mannington ensures that your floors won’t recolor if spills are tidied up inside 72 hours.

  • Pergo

Pergo was the first to hit the market and they’re the first thing beyond question. They have the longest history of any organization available, and notwithstanding that they have some expertise in this industry.

Pergo is mastery in reverse for a length of time that Laminate Flooring has been around.It has an enormous number of earthy as well as stylish choices. It’s everything enough to make your head turn, and this is why they stand out amongst the best.

Pergo figured out how to abstain from low quality laminate from the very beginning.Like Armstrong, Pergo likewise offers coordinating embellishment to make for a neat look.

  • Bruce Park Avenue

The Park Avenue gathering from Bruce flooring is among the brand’s mid-evaluated lines. The arrangement highlights 6 rich wood tones and 12-mm thick sheets. Park Avenue is appropriate for both upper and lower installation.

  • Mohawk

Mohawk is one of the main brands in laminate floor business. They’ve thought of basically of various collections and the items they make are sufficiently intense to face nearly anything. Their items are made with reused material also, which means their products are made diligently.

  • Tarkett Fresh Air

Tarkett’s Fresh Air laminate line is one the brands greatest dealers. They are phthalate free and affirmed pet and hypersensitivity ready. The Tarkett Fresh Air accumulation highlights 10 shades, thick boards of 12-mm, and backed by 25 years of warranty.

This multi-length flooring introduces with a T-lock framework and highlights a reasonable sloped edge structure makes them different.

  • Shaw

Shaw Industries, an auxiliary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. It is a $4 billion organization that has its hands in a wide range of flooring including laminate, vinyl, hardwood, stone and tile.

Its laminate division flaunts about 200 styles and shading blends of Laminate Flooring. Shaw covers are commonly top of the line items sold generally through popular flooring stores. Besides, online discount sources offer a few styles at costs that are similar to lesser-known brands.


Quick-Step is a decent, strong laminate producer that focuses just on laminate. This Belgium based company began a “snap and-lock” installation, called Uniclic. They found it be one of the most loved among DIYers. They sell in the U.S., through both, online retailers and conventional deck stores.

How To Choose High-Quality Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring is one of the incredible advancements in home improvement of over the past 50 years. It’s decent, prefinished and strong. A large portion of the different styles are introduced by simply snapping together the boards no paste.

For starters, you can start by going through a catalog including chestnut, cherry, pine, walnut, oak, and maple. This is how you will find your perfect finish. There are a few more ways to select your laminate and they have been discussed in the next section thoroughly.

  • Rating

There is a procedure to search for top notch laminate. It is to check the deck’s AC rating. This rating system is utilized generally for flooring and was created by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring. The higher the AC rating, the stronger the laminate.

For residential purposes you can go with a rating of AC2 of higher. If you expect substantial footfalls, then you must settle with AC3 or AC4. These ratings are evaluated for substantial private and general business use. Know the cost goes up as the floor rating gets higher.

  • Thickness

Another approach would be, to check the laminate’s quality of the thickness. A thicker material means better protection. With that it should be mentioned that the highest point of the range, 12-mm cover looks and feels practical. It offers prevalent toughness and comfort. Tragically, it costs a lot more than more slender alternatives.

The 8-mm board is an alternative, but you may discover 10-mm flooring as well, which isn’t normal. Most brands convey boards that are range in between 8 mm or 12 mm.

  • Finish

Laminate flooring is accessible in numerous sorts of finishes that complete to recreate the vibe of genuine hardwood flooring.

Here are a few a types of them:

  • Embellished or Embossed in Register (EIR): A general, all-over surface, EIR better mimics the regular look of genuine hardwood flooring with the plan of the stylistic layout layer.
  • Hands crapped: Though not really Hand scrapped, the laminate is pressed to look like a genuine Hand scrapped hardwood floor.
  • Polished: This smooth, polished laminate includes a mirror completion and is scratch resistant.
  • Finish Should Be Based On Lifestyle

If you have a peaceful home, pick whatever deck style you fancy. Be that as it may, if you have one of those insane family units with children, guests and pets; be more cautious. You can opt for a board with a shifted grain design, a low-shine finish or Hands-crapped patina will look much better and cleaner, any longer than a floor with a solid grain and reflexive design.

Installation Costs Of Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors can be estimated square footage like any other flooring. While deciding the expense to introduce this kind of deck, there are numerous variables to consider.

In general,installations with bigger the areas require an extensive budget. Nonetheless, this does not generally remain constant for laminate floors. The expense of introducing laminate boards can be higher in littler rooms. It is less expensive to introduce laminate boards in expansive open rooms,as the procedure will be to snap and click.

Another factor influencing the expense to introduce laminate floor is the kind of boards that are utilized. The boards utilized will rely upon the tree they start from. Have a look at these:

  • Acacia laminate boards are among the most moderate ones that cost around $.70 to $1.20 per square feet,
  • Other well-known choices incorporate Elm $.70-$1.20 per square feet
  • Walnut boards are on the high end of the value list $.90 per square feet
  • Oak costs $.70 per square feet
  • Maple can be found around $.70 per square feet

Each laminate board has its very own plan type and tones that add a one of a kind vibe to the home.

Compare to Cork flooring, cost to installation of laminate flooring is cheaper but the quality is not much different.

Comparing Laminate Floors

You may be inclined to weigh your options, which is why you need to compare the floors. Don’t worry, as we have got you covered for this as well. Follow the discussion here:

  • Laminate Versus Carpeting

Laminate Flooring is durable, and is a decent decision for lobbies and portals. It’s anything but difficult to keep clean, odor free, and doesn’t harbor allergens ( can keep pet-borne pests away).

Laminate is available in a wide assortment of styles, for the most part intended to re-enact the appearance of wood or stone; the top layer is a realistic portrayal of whatever surface the cover is intended to look like.

Carpet includes a gentler, amiable feel to a room, and it’s a prominent decision for rooms as well as lounge rooms for this reason.Nonetheless, carpets can get crushed more estimable than laminate, particularly in high-traffic regions like corridors. It also requires a lot of exertion to clean and better quality rug with stain-safe treatment will last more.However, it may burn a hole in your pocket as well!

  • Laminate Versus Hardwood

Laminate really performs better, and it’s significantly less expensive and a lot simpler to install as compared to hardwood. Laminate additionally doesn’t require as much care as hardwood. These trade offs can settle on the choice between laminate versus hardwood an extreme one, yet if center around the components that issue most to you, the better fit ought to be clear.

Laminate Flooring needs the pieces to click together and need no latches or glue.Never needs finishing and polishing too. Great quality laminate costs about $3.00 per square foot and up. Lower-quality laminate can be a lot less expensive, but you may have to sacrifice the looks. You need your floor to be easy to install, and simple to keep up. Then you know what to do!

Since, hardwood is superior quality material than laminate; it doesn’t necessarily imply that hardwood is essentially better for your application. In any case, strong hardwood’s characteristic protecting properties decrease if you think of insulation. In addition, it must be sanded and completed after the boards are installed. Again, sanding and finishing is a task better to be rendered for experts.

Subsequently, hardwood is a costlier affair. Low-end maple and oak remains strong hardwood go for $3.00 to $5.00 per square foot. More extensive arrangement board deck of exceptional kinds can go for $5.00 per square foot,with costs steeply heightening after that. This could be considered to be an investment for future generations for sure.

  • Laminate Versus Vinyl

Laminate Flooring is like extravagance vinyl boards as far as installation and look are concerned.The basic contrast is that the surface is a hard plastic cover with printed layer, while the center layer is inflexible fiberboard, which is an item, produced using wood fortified together with melamine tars. By and large, it varies thickness between from 6 mm to 12 mm.

Vinyl flooring is 100 percent manufactured material. In standard sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles, the base layer is generally fiberglass which is then covered in PVC vinyl and plasticizer. The subsequent sheet is printed and decorated with a surface print layer. The thickness for vinyl ranges from 1.5 mm for sheet vinyl to 5 mm for costlier vinyl boards.

While buying flooring, you must weigh your prospects aptly and discover something that meets your requirements. Needless to say, you must find Laminate Flooring that meets the fundamental needs like that of grace, comfort and cost.

Also, take some time out reading reviews about your chosen product. Don’t forget to look into the certifications to ensure that the laminate you choose is safe. Not to mention, you will trust your family with the floors and you cannot simply endorse into things blindly.

With that we would like to conclude that laminate floors are elegant and they can add depth to your home. So, go ahead and indulge yourself!