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The partners of Pal + Smith have a shared love for design. Our thirty year body of work has consistently challenged the normal parameters of interior design.

Our combination of feminine and masculine elements, seduce the senses to create a truly romantic experience. Our in vogue notion that interior design should incorporate fashion, music and art is present every step of the way. It is this lifestyle approach to design that enables our team to transcend normal expectations of luxury interiors. Our thirty years of experience working with distinguished architects and developers across the globe has sharpened our knowledge and expertise to work in a realm of highly detailed work unusual for most boutique firms. Our specialization in interior architecture gives Pal + Smith a unique position in global design. Our world class service and eclectic mix of clientele has built a business structure to work with top global developers, as well as the most discriminating luxury home owners.

At Pal + Smith, our theory of color pop, layered with sophisticated cinematic drama weaves a seductive ribbon of detail and surprise into every space for a fresh take on high society design. From a boutique hotel to a penthouse; LA to Dubai; Pal + Smith delivers luxury and comfort down to the last detail.

While forging a look between classic and modern styles, we are able to create a juxtaposition of periods, layered with objects and styles that are relevant to todayŐs lifestyle buyer. Amazing design should capture the heart, mind and soul of the client. We make it a goal to
accomplish just that.